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Cardinal Wolsey’s England: The 2011 Tour


I have two reasons for building this website. First, I've got an interesting story to tell you about my recent trip to England. Second, I want to learn how to build a website.

In May and June, I was lucky to be able to spend 7 weeks exploring Cardinal Wolsey's England, including the magnificent Tudor Treasures Tour offered by Alison Weir.  In the process, I learned a lot and I took a lot of photographs, both of which I want to share.

For a long time, I’ve also wanted to learn to build a website, but lacked a good reason. Now, with both reason and will, I hope to combine the notes I took while traveling with the images I captured on camera.

You may learn something about Cardinal Wolsey, travelling to England, or how not to take photographs. Hopefully, I'll also learn something about web design, too.

I expect the site will be somewhat dynamic in substance as well as in form, as I add or modify content as well as style of the site itself. Keep checking back to see what's new and improved!

If you have any questions, email me


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